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What happened at Liberal Democrat conference, and why does it matter?

by callumrobertson on 29 September, 2019

The Liberal Democrats are almost unique among UK parties in the sense that we are membership led, this means that it isn’t the leadership who decide everything, it is normal people like you and me.

This can be transformative, for example the Equal Marriage Act that enables LGBT+ people to marry who they love originated as a Liberal Democrat idea.

At our conference in September 2019 the Liberal Democrats called for an end to unstable employment, this is especially prevalent in Clacton which has high seasonal employment.

We also called for a new approach to policing that involved building up community policing teams that have disappeared in recent years and invest in fighting scammers and cyber crime.

Using my professional experience, I did an event with Lib Dem Lawyers on the gig economy, this was written about in the Law Society Gazette here

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